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Egg in a Basket

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Egg In A Basket

My daughters favorite breakfast is a so easy. We call it "Egg In A Basket".

I learned how to make this from a "hippie" family when I was just a wee little kid. They used all natural ingredients found right around the home they were building themselves.

It's such an easy recipe and a great way to make one egg go a little further.

Egg In A Basket

1 Egg
1 Slice Bread

Not to hard. I'm sure not the only one to blog it even.

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I do have a few fun twists and things that you can try to vary the classic.
The first step, usually, is to cut a hole in the bread to frame in the egg we will be adding later.
My favorite is taking a Teddy Bear cookie cutter and cutting the center of the bread slice out with it.
Then I have a cool, interesting frame for the egg, that the kids like, but I also have an awesome little teddy bear piece of toast to serve along with breakfast.

The second step is greasing the bread or a pan. The easiest

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way is to just pour a little Olive Oil or a teaspoon of Butter in your favorite nonstick pan. As the pan heats up spread evenly in the area the bread will be.
Alternatives we enjoy on this vary greatly.
Lightly buttering either side of the bread before you cut it will make an even toasted bread and add to the flavor.
When we are feeling like a sweet breakfast we might butter the whole bread, before cutting a hole in it, and sprinkle a little powdered sugar on either side.
When we are feeling gourmet I will use an herbal steeped Olive Oil or simply sprinkle a few spices in the pan with the oil.

Thirdly, I like my eggs over-easy and this is something to consider when making Egg In A

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Basket. If your making it for someone who does not like the yoke, you can scramble the egg before you pour it in.

Finally although we often eat this just plain as can be, There are times when we love to smother it in cheese or powdered sugar or even vegetables.

When your sick and all clogged up that spicy is great. Just be sure to blow your nose as much as you can. The point of eating the spicy is to loosen the phlegm up but if you swallow the sickness it has to pass through the whole body, you don't want that, you wanna get that sickness out as much, often and as fast as you can.

I Love cooking with Love.
Ben, reminding you to share your table with someone out of the ordinary as soon as you can.
Hope you have a great day!

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